Technical formation
Learning from zero is always stressful. Thanks to our Mobimentum classes, you can acquire the skills and professionalism you want in little time and with moderate effort.

Due to our nature, passion, and mission, we maintain a high level of innovation. Thanks to our continuous investment in research and development activities, we have competency in innovative technologies, thoroughly testing their potential and reliability, and we make our competencies in the production environment available to you.

We organize professional refresher courses inside your company as well as classes funded by the Regione Emilia-Romagna on the following topics:

  • Android Training
  • PhoneGap Training: JavaScript, AngularJS, Ionic Framework
  • Base Java and Java EE course, web application design
  • Liferay course
  • Full Stack Mobile course: from analysis to store distribution, the entire mobile and web services
    development process

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